Custom laminates manufacturing à Najac Occitanie(Aveyron)

Custom laminates manufacturing

CLM was founded in 2005, consequently of 15 years involved in the world of sailmaking, covering the disciplines of textile and engineering, design, manufacture of machines and consumables.

The company’s vocation is to design and manufacture technically innovative fabrics. For the time being, the company is working in the marine industry with the development of the TRILAM range. CLM market is based on top level racing sailcloth (for example, in Vendée Globe regattas, most prestigious offshore races and luxury yachts).

The very high level of performance which CLM insists upon for its applications has naturally led the company to be autonomous. The manufacturing process, which is innovative and patented, was entirely built from a well-defined design width a minimum width of 3 meters to 4 meters. CLM constantly upgrades its manufacturing process. TRILam team’s approach to manufacturing is a genuine hallmark of CLM, providing flexibility and competitiveness.

Using synthetic fibres and primary materials available on the market, CLM combines all the necessary skills and expertise. All our departments are pretty small but with a large field of use and a various knowledge

    Located in a rural part of the heart of France, CLM by nature ensures that all life-cycles of materials and Trilam are as optimized as possible, not just to improve margins by avoiding all waste, but also to reduce the impact on the environment. A huge research program based on organic materials is started for 5 years.

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